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It’s here! A production version of the Chevy Camaro Convertible is being privately shown to Chevy dealers this week. As a Camaro5 member reports here, at least one production model was shown in Detroit yesterday — a red jewel tint coat convertible with gray interior. It was being mobbed by the dealers in attendance (no [...]

THESE 8 Camaro convertibles were spotted at the Holden plant in Fisherman’s Bend, Australia. All 8 were silver in color and all but one of them had a tan roof. The remaining one at the end of the line had a black ragtop. All these convertibles were left-hand-drive. To us, it appears that the roofline [...]

Although we didn’t get to see a production Camaro convertible at this morning’s GM live webcast as we had hoped, GM has in the follow-up session officially confirmed that the production of the 2011 Camaro convertible will begin in the second quarter of 2011! This is slightly later than the previously estimated Q1 production date, [...]

To our (and I’m sure your) dismay, the 2011 Camaro convertible was not shown during the approximately hour long GM webcast which just concluded at 9AM EST. There was also no mention of it by GM CEO Fritz Henderson. It appears that either we were provided bad information and the convertible was not shown during [...]

GM’s President and CEO, Fritz Henderson, is set to host a live webcast tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM EST in which he will be providing updates on GM’s current state and making several product announcements/updates. However, GM held a pre-webcast event today from which it was reported that the 2011 production Camaro convertible was shown [...]

The 2011 Camaro convertible continues to be spotted while testing in Australia. The latest sightings within the past week comes after a hiatus of nearly 7 months (last major sighting was back in January 2009), although not much seems to have changed on the exterior. The latest convertibles spotted are however different preproduction cars than [...]

We’ll be seeing Camaros of all modified varieties at SEMA 2009, but this one by Newport Convertible Engineering, a convertible conversion specialist, should be among the more unique cars. That’s because NCE’s SEMA Camaro will be minus its factory roof! HERE are photos of the NCE Camaro SS Convertible going through the final stages of [...]

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