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DETROIT – When spy shots surfaced of the pre-production version of the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible, an outcry went up among Camaro enthusiasts over the AM/FM whip antenna positioned on the rear deck lid. Quite simply, they hated it. Chevrolet was quick to respond, commissioning a self-described antenna freak named Don Hibbard to find a [...]

26 Aug, 2010

Camaro Convertibles Spotted on Transport

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This transport truck full of Camaro convertibles was recently spotted and photographed [PHOTOS]. By now we’ve seen plenty of photos of the convertible test cars [latest HERE], but never this many color configurations in one place. There are black, yellow, silver, and white Camaro convertibles, some with black tops and others with tan tops. These [...]

An observant Camaro5 member just recently spotted this Camaro convertible test mule in Warren Michigan. It was parked in front of a GM building across from the Tech Center. This test car is clearly still in test mule / preproduction form, as evidenced by the not-final canvas roof, tow hitch, etc., so what you see [...]

She’s here and she’s out and about! The production version 2011 Camaro SS Convertible has been spotted testing on US soil for the first time. We have previously seen the production Camaro convertible in Australia, but this is the first that we have seen this car in North America (wearing Michigan plates). As just recently [...]

In a recent press release about the production of the Buick Regal, also slated for Oshawa, the following was confirmed about the Camaro convertible: Production of the Camaro Convertible in Oshawa beginning in Q1 2011 you can read the entire release here but there isn’t much else regarding the Camaro. Read more on this story [...]

GM conducts occassional Q&A sessions on its Fastlane blog. The most recent session was held this past Thursday with GM CEO Fritz Henderson. Two Camaro related questions were asked: 1) One participant inquired "Been patiently waiting for Camaro convertible. Best guesses are 2012 model in 1st quarter of 2011. With surging popularity of this model [...]

Here’s a preview of Drop Top Customs’ Camaro Convertible SS which will be showing at the SEMA show next month. For anyone interested, this custom conversion costs approximately $18,000. This is the second builder to produce a Camaro convertible. The other was custom built by NCE. For now, these custom Camaro convertibles will have to [...]

It’s here! A production version of the Chevy Camaro Convertible is being privately shown to Chevy dealers this week. As a Camaro5 member reports here, at least one production model was shown in Detroit yesterday — a red jewel tint coat convertible with gray interior. It was being mobbed by the dealers in attendance (no [...]

22 Sep, 2009

2010 Camaro Targa Design

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Here’s an interesting design for a 2010 Camaro hardtop targa by CONVERTaTOP. The conversion likely involves a completely new roof and top to be installed in place of the factory top. What remains is a smaller rear window which is recessed and which appears to eliminate space for rear seating (?). A new glass panel [...]

THESE 8 Camaro convertibles were spotted at the Holden plant in Fisherman’s Bend, Australia. All 8 were silver in color and all but one of them had a tan roof. The remaining one at the end of the line had a black ragtop. All these convertibles were left-hand-drive. To us, it appears that the roofline [...]

The 2011 Camaro convertible continues to be spotted while testing in Australia. The latest sightings within the past week comes after a hiatus of nearly 7 months (last major sighting was back in January 2009), although not much seems to have changed on the exterior. The latest convertibles spotted are however different preproduction cars than [...]

We’ll be seeing Camaros of all modified varieties at SEMA 2009, but this one by Newport Convertible Engineering, a convertible conversion specialist, should be among the more unique cars. That’s because NCE’s SEMA Camaro will be minus its factory roof! HERE are photos of the NCE Camaro SS Convertible going through the final stages of [...]

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