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With SEMA quickly approaching, the Tjin Edition RoadShow team, led by Neil Tjin, received their brand new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS with less than 20 miles on the odometer. Having planned out the design well before the arrival, Neil and the team at Real AutoWorks in La Habra, CA got right to work and within [...]

22 Oct, 2009

KILLER’s Camaro Hurst Billet/Plus Shifter Video

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Forum moderator KILLER74Z28 (Mike) has posted this video of the Hurst Billet/Plus Shifter in action on his Camaro SS. Since it’s not always easy to tell how much a throw is shortened just based on #’s alone, and most of us do not have a chance to test a short shifter on someone else’s car, [...]

05 Oct, 2009

Street Scene Camaro SS aero / body kit

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Seen here is a new aftermarket aero kit for the 2010 Camaro SS from Street Scene. The parts feature the Street Scene Camaro SS Front Chin Spoiler and side skirt. Both parts are made from urethane and the sideskirt kit includes two door rockers and two smaller rocker pieces that mount to the rear bumper [...]

21 Sep, 2009

2010 Camaro SS Enters Formula DRIFT Championship

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The 2010 Camaro has only been on the market for 6 months, but is already being used as the platform for several race series racecars, including the NASA Championships and now Formula DRIFT Championship (North America’s professional drifting championship). BR Racing has teamed up with Conrad Gunewald Racing to prepare a custom 2010 Camaro for [...]

Site member MikeBing put together this great comparison video of his Camaro SS with stock exhaust vs. stock exhaust with straight pipes. He has no other modifications. The video compares the exhaust sound at startup, at idle, and at acceleration from a stop. Without a doubt the straight pipes have added aggressiveness to his Camaro [...]

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