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An important announcement has just been made by ‘Team Camaro’ regarding the 2012 Camaro Zl1! Early this morning, John Fitzpatrick, Camaro’s Marketing Manager, sent a note to Chevrolet dealers receiving ZL1 allocation to make them aware that production of the 2012 Camaro ZL1 is NOW underway at Oshawa! He also had some information regarding a [...]

Here’s the first independent video of the 2012 Camaro ZL1 running on a quarter mile track. The folks from Motoramic try their (novice) hand a quarter mile run in the 2012 ZL1. They were only able to achieve 13 seconds in the quarter mile with launch control, but admitted to their complete lack of experience [...]

19 Jan, 2012

Official 2012 Camaro ZL1 Brochure

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On the heels of the first batch of production ZL1 reviews, comes the official 2012 Camaro ZL1 brochure. It features 20 pages of ZL1 eye candy and information. Even though we’ve known and seen most of this info already, we still can’t get enough Download the PDF version of the brochure inside. View the 2012 [...]

17 Jan, 2012

First Camaro ZL1 Reviews Are In!

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Finally, the very first official Camaro ZL1 performance reviews are in, together with real life performance specs and data. We’ve compiled (and will continue adding) the ZL1 reviews so far at the link above. The first few to be posted are from Automobile, Autoweek, Car and Driver, and Motor Trend. Click on through for links [...]

14 Jan, 2012

Camaro ZL1 Pics from 2012 Detroit NAIAS

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The 2012 Detroit NAIAS kicked off this week and the Camaro ZL1 is the star of the Chevrolet display (when it is not . For those not able to make the show, here are some photos of the Camaro ZL1 on display. See the ZL1 Detroit 2012 photos at the following LINK

10 Jan, 2012

Crystal Red Tintcoat Now Available for Camaro ZL1

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Many a member was waiting and hoping the beautiful new Crystal Red Tintcoat color would become available on the Camaro ZL1. Good news came over the weekend as the color became available on Quick Order, and will be on the Regular Configuurator by this Thurs. We’re looking forward to seeing some stunning CRT ZL1s in [...]

So you think you know everything there is to know about the Camaro ZL1? Check your knowledge base against some of these interesting new ZL1 info and see if you are indeed a ZL1 guru. Some new ZL1 info at the following LINK

A bevy of new Camaro ZL1 videos have been released! We get a great look at the ZL1 coupe in red, silver, and white, as well as a live look at the ZL1 convertible. The clips include driving scenes, exterior and interior overviews, as well as a look at the engine bay. Check ‘em out [...]

06 Dec, 2011

MVB and CTF ZL1 Camaros Hit the Road

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We’re inching ever closer to the production and deliveries of customer’s ZL1s! Although customer ordered ZL1s have not yet started production, GM has started production on “MVB” and “CTF” ZL1 models (spotted recently for the first time in Ontario – pictured below). MVB cars are manufacturing vehicle build (non-saleable) models, and CTF cars are captive [...]

Chevrolet has posted the next feature video describing the Camaro ZL1′s development – Phase Four: Aerodynamic Testing. The feature video gives some great insight into the effort and care that was taken to properly develop the ZL1′s aerodynamics. It went under no less than 100 hours of wind tunnel testing and all its aero parts [...]

08 Nov, 2011

Camaro ZL1 Spread in December Maxim

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Just when we thought that the Camaro ZL1 couldn’t be any more eye candy than it already is… the ZL1 is featured in the December issue of Maxim magazine with even more eye candy (no disrespect meant to our female readers) accompanying it. The ZL1 is featured on the front and back covers, as well [...]

Another milestone towards the market launch of the 2012 Camaro ZL1 has just occurred this morning – the Dealer Reference Guide has now been made available to dealers. Information regarding ZL1 specs, equipment, options, and dealer allocations are now available. You can see the full ZL1 reference guide at:

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