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If you weren’t sure how serious GM is about making the 2012 Camaro Z28 with class leading performance, rest assured. The new Camaro Z28 prototype was spotted today testing at the famed Nurburgring test track in Germany. (Full photo set) There is no camouflage bra up front as in the prototypes spotted on US soil, [...]

04 Oct, 2010

2012 Camaro Z28 Prototypes Spotted in Colorado

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There has been a new sighting of the Camaro Z28 prototypes. These test mules were spotted in Colorado by MidlifeMotors in the same red and blue which we recently posted. The photos are no more revealing from what we have already seen, but they do provide new angles and perspectives. One thing is for sure, [...]

We bring you visual proof of the Camaro Z28 prototype testing with the supercharged LSA motor (same as that used in the CTS-V). Even if one thinks it’s suspicious that a test prototype’s engine would have any sort of engine cover bearing the name of the engine, the motor underneath does appear to be that [...]

The 2011/2012 Camaro Z28 prototypes have lost some of its front end camouflage, exposing the grille, new lower front fascia (which now features a front lip spoiler which extends out very aggressively). The shape and size of the aggressive hood cowl (with scoops) can also be made out in the photos. To our eyes, it [...]

The Camaro Z28 test prototype has been spotted again conducting testing runs. Although this set of photos does not show an aggressive covered cowl scoop hood (as in these RECENT PICS), they do give us the best idea yet of the Z28 bumper’s shape. Moving at high speed, the camo is pulled tightly over the [...]

Forum member ZZTOM was in the right place at the right time earlier this week as he managed to spot a Camaro convoy, including two Camaro Z28 test mules and a regular Camaro chasee car, all on a street in Coronado! [Photos] The Z28 mules look mostly like the Z28 mules we previously posted (HERE [...]

25 Aug, 2010

Report: Camaro Z28 Commercial Filmed in Barstow

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A site member from Barstow, CA has reported that a Camaro Z28 commercial or footage has been shot in the Coyotae Dry Lake in Barstow! (also the location of some Transformers scenes). He was made aware of this when the film crew asked the few houses in the area not to stir up any dust [...]

17 Aug, 2010

New Camaro Z28 Rendering From Hot Rod Magazine

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The latest Hot Rod Magazine issue features a new rendering of the upcoming Camaro Z28, in a flashy synergy green metallic color, with an aggressive hood cowl with air inlet, sporty wheels, and an aggressive bumper + splitter which takes cues from an earlier design preview image, the Jay Leno Camaro, the Transformers 3 Bumblebee [...]

04 Aug, 2010

2012 Camaro Z28 Rendered

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We have brought to you two recent sightings (seen here and here) of the new Camaro Z28. Based on these photos, photoshopper Jon Sibal has produced THIS rendering using his interpretation and prediction of what the Camaro Z28 will resemble. This render is not based on insider info, but it’s still fun to speculate and [...]

03 Aug, 2010

Spotted: Camaro Z28 Testing Against GT500!

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HERE are the newest photos of the Camaro Z28 test mule being tested and directly evaluated against a Mustang GT500. GM is making no secret of the benchmark they are attempting to clear — the 2010 Ford Mustang GT500. This should help put to rest some doubts as to whether this test mule is indeed [...]

Transformers 3 is currently shooting in downtown Chicago and that means lots of potential to spot the third iteration of the Bumblebee Camaro. Here are the best photos yet of the latest Bumblebee Camaro on set. The slickest Bumblebee Camaro yet features a refreshed front fascia design with front splitter, revised hood cowl, broad stripes [...]

NO MORE DOUBTING THE CAMARO Z28!!! 2012 Camaro Z28 with 6.2L supercharged V8 (6AT in this model). No confirmation yet on whether this is the LS9 or LSA motor. FULL SET OF PHOTOS HERE This Camaro Z28 was captured out testing with several other Camaros, as well as a Mustang GT500 (for comparison of course). [...]

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