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04 Aug, 2010

2012 Camaro Z28 Rendered

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We have brought to you two recent sightings (seen here and here) of the new Camaro Z28. Based on these photos, photoshopper Jon Sibal has produced THIS rendering using his interpretation and prediction of what the Camaro Z28 will resemble. This render is not based on insider info, but it’s still fun to speculate and [...]

03 Aug, 2010

Spotted: Camaro Z28 Testing Against GT500!

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HERE are the newest photos of the Camaro Z28 test mule being tested and directly evaluated against a Mustang GT500. GM is making no secret of the benchmark they are attempting to clear — the 2010 Ford Mustang GT500. This should help put to rest some doubts as to whether this test mule is indeed [...]

NO MORE DOUBTING THE CAMARO Z28!!! 2012 Camaro Z28 with 6.2L supercharged V8 (6AT in this model). No confirmation yet on whether this is the LS9 or LSA motor. FULL SET OF PHOTOS HERE This Camaro Z28 was captured out testing with several other Camaros, as well as a Mustang GT500 (for comparison of course). [...]

27 Jun, 2010

2010 Camaros dominate Carlisle GM Nationals

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The Carlisle GM Nationals took place this weekend in Carlisle, PA, and as expected, the 2010 Camaros are beginning to dominate the show landscape. What a difference a year makes. By last year’s 2009 Nationals, the 2010 Camaro had been in production for 3 full months and only a handful for 2010 Camaros were in [...]

Multiple sources (1, 2) have now corroborated that GM has recently placed an order of over a dozen Camaro Z28 driveshafts from its manufacturer, for delivery by sometime in the third week of this month. This would indicate that 1) the masked Camaro spotted HERE was indeed a Z/28 test mule and 2) more Camaro [...]

The creator of this mystery Camaro, speculated by many to be a Camaro Z28 prototype, has shared with us the real identity and background of this car. According to Faisal Ahmad of Exodus Pictures: Following the unauthorized release of pictures taken of our vehicle, I have decided to clarify the origins of this ‘mystery car’. [...]

Here’s the scoop on the silver Camaro from the SEMA showfloor as seen HERE and which everyone speculated as the Camaro Z28 due to its bumper’s similarity to the look of only model mockup PHOTO we have seen of the Z28. This car is a V6 twin turbo Camaro built by GM (hence its location [...]

The internet is abuzz with speculation that the special looking silver Camaro on the floor of the SEMA show (seen HERE), is actually the look of the upcoming Camaro Z28. That would make sense as this Camaro is in GM’s exhibit and its front bumper greatly resembles the bumblebee Camaro, which has been confirmed to [...]

And the rumormill churns Just as we finish writing about the masses’ speculation of the LSA engine in the upcoming Camaro Z28, we now read something interesting in the September 09 Super Chevy Magazine issue’s interview with Al Oppenheiser, Chief Vehicle Engineer of the Camaro. In the interview, Mr. Oppenheiser is asked about a possible [...]

Many a Camaro5 member speculate (and hope) that the new Z/28 will be shoehorned with GM’s mighty LSA supercharged V8 engine, the 550+hp engine from the tire shredding Cadillac CTS-V. We’re hoping your wishes comes true as the CTS-V’s performance has been almost universally praised by the automotive community at large. For those not familiar [...]

GM’s Camaro Z28 plans are back on and the top-end Camaro version is set for production, according to Ed Welburn, GM’s VP for global design! The modified Z28 body is already completed, but the powertrain still requires calibration work. The tentative timetable is that the Z28 will not be available until the latter half of [...]

21 Jul, 2009

A Camaro Z28 we would love to see produced

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Site member Jinx has always impressed the Camaro community with his Camaro photoshops, but he has outdone himself this time. Using a fellow member’s (jcamere94z28) beautifully shot image of his own imperial blue metallic Camaro, Jinx has come up with this stunning Camaro Z28 concept photoshop. This concept features a Z28 induction hood, the design [...]

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